Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Let-Them-C ???

Well, to most of the India students who have written some piece of C code, this title would sound similar. Yes, I wanted it to name it "Let Us C" from the famous C language book authored by Yashwant Kanitkar. But, I ddin't wanted to go into legal issues and decided to name it as "Let Them C".. !

I will try to cover problems, suggestion, code etc related to technical problems faced by me during professional experience. So, its a blog meant only for Coders...other can do a void return.

Feel free to contribute, hack, code etc this website.

Kapil Dalwani

P.S. why is the background black?? Well just my way of showing that I care for Mother Earth....


  1. Nice man!! Solve some Microsoft questions from Career Cup :) You will get practice and you blog page ranking will be high up in the GOOGLE.

    You start with some problems that you find interesting I will definitely contribute.

  2. Umm..but there already are n number of such sites/books available. Why another one?
    Does it not undo the advantage of a black background? Does it not waste cyberspace?